Tips For Muslim Couples For Successful Married Life

Marriage Is the most sacred bond between two people. This bond unites two people and two families in a bond which can both be full of happiness and full of miseries. Once marriage is done, then comes the real challenges the both husband and wife has to face. Mostly, the early time period of married life is relatively easy because both husband and wife start a relationship which is, at the start, full of love and joy. But with the passage of time, as both of them start to know each other, this relationship takes multiple turns and twists.

The key point is to survive wisely. Even parents and siblings have fights and conflicts, but in the end, these relations survive because they know each other's importance and place in life. Similarly, husband and wife need to know each other's importance. Below are given few points which prove to be helpful in a successful marriage.

1: The first and the most important point is to respect each other. Every relationship needs respect. If two people cannot respect each other, there will grow no love between them. So, the first thing is to respect.

2: Then comes love. When two people get married, they agree to obey the commands of Allah swt with regard to marriage. Islam teaches us to love others for the sake of Allah. Wife and husband need this love more than others. It is because their relationship rests upon agreement to live as per the order of Allah swt.

3: Learn to listen. When one person wants to talk, give him/her space to express her/his point of view. Most couples fight because they don't listen. Our religion also tell us to be respectful to others. And this respect and sense of care is more than ever needed in marriage.

4: Disagreements do not mean end of the world. People fight, but fighting does not mean crossing the limits. So when disagreement occurs, intend to keep quite rather than talk back.

Wife needs to obey her husband. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that “ if prostration was permissible for a man, I would order wives to prostrate before their husbands”. This is the status of husband. But this does not give husbands undue importance over women. Our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh used to love all His wives so much. Umahatul momineen told us and left with us so much on how prophet Muhammad pbuh used to treat them. His love for Ayesha r.a. is not a secret.

Sometimes, it so happens that both or one of them cannot feel attracted towards the other. Or, with the passage of time, the attraction fades away. What should be done in such a situation? The answer is, do not wait for the other better half to take the first step towards you. instead, take the first step yourself. Never involve anyone else in your personal matters. Mostly, family members play important part in breaking marriages because, girl's parents want to believe that their daughter is right, while the boy's parents only believe that their son is right. And mostly, nothing wise comes from such involvement.

Marriage is the institution to ensure human race. It is the halal way for the progress of society. It is the God gifted relationship to share love, respect and care from the other person. Life partners are called better halves. Try to keep your other half happy and you yourself will be happy. This is the simple rule with is reflected by the rules and regulations set by Islam with regards to marriage. 
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