Negative Impact of Video Games

Technology has made its advances at a very fast pace in last two decades. One thing that changed and became more modern is the computer games. One just simple and easy to play games have now become complex and task oriented. While too little importance is put on computer games, they are one of the most important area of concern. Because video games are not just the innocent video games any more.

The recent complex video games that are famous world wide and o=played world wide by the youngsters, children and elders are very tactfully designed. These games vary in categories. From racing to military operations. Most people, when asked about these games, reply that they like them because they are mind games. Whereas, these games are really the mind games but in a very different context.

Recently, a game released in Austria by the name “bye bye mosque” has been investigated. This game is solely targeting the mosques and minarets and call for prayer. This video game is released by the anti muslim masses. Another game was launched in 2008 by the name “muslim massacre”. This game was totally about killing muslims. Then the games “:resident evil” and “devil may cry” are Illuminati backed anti Islamic games totally to spread falsehood about islam and muslims.  The game resident evil contains shots in iraq where mosques are attacked and Quran is shown on the streets in the feet. Also the door of kabah is shown as the door opening to evil. This shows how much hate is being spread among the people of the world about islam.

These and many and more other blasphemous and racist games are there to spread the distorted image of islam and muslims in the world. While it is an unbeatable reality that islam is the biggest religion in the world and fast growing compared to any other religion, but it is a fact that islam and muslims are being seen as threat. And technology is nothing but the best way being used by the enemies to do this. For example, the following researched conclude the following very disturbing results;

> the dominant discourses overwhelmingly present most followers of Islam as a threat (Hafez, 2000; Karim, 2006; Poole, 2006; Richardson, 2004);

> Islam is likely to be linked with terrorism (Karim, 2006; Manning, 2006; Miller, 2006);

these and many other researches have shown that islam is gradually being linked to terror. This is the most effective implementation of new world order. The blasphemy and anti religion campaign of illuminatist is not stopped here, but one can find many video games online where at the advance stages, the task is to kill Jesus Christ pbuh ( astaghfar). And the most disturbing thing is that most of these games are played by children. And not just western children but our own children are playing these games.

The other domain of video games contain characters designed to distract the attention of kids to a totally different way. These characters are build with provocative clothes, gestures and positions. All this is contributing in keeping the present day generation away from islam. And whatever islam they know, these games are making them forget it. It is a point of concern for all of us to take a notice of this most important issue. Such games should not be shipped into markets and such games should be removed from internet. Just like we cannot tolerate anti islamic stuff, these games should also not be tolerated. 
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