Valentine's day in Islam

History of the celebrations of valentine's day present three different stories. Some say, a saint named valentine defied his king calduis II who ordered that all men of army should be unmarried so that they could be focused more to the business. While another story say that pagan's of Rome used to celebrate this day as the day of fertility, by sacrificing goat and dog and gently slapping women with the meat of goat dipped in dog's blood for fertility. Later on, on the evening all the women's names used to be put in a big urn and all the bachelors used to get their female of year by simply taking out a coupon from that earn. Similarly, an other story says that the mid of February used to be celebrated as the mating season of birds.

One thing can be concluded from the history of valentine's is that this day is not really the day a morally sound society should celebrate or look for. The so called love which is promoted through this day falls under adultery. And adultery is a great sin. According to a sahih hadith, the one who committed it will not be able to even smell the fragrance of jannah.

Islam takes care of all the human needs. Allah swt has created us with some needs and HE himself has opened right ways for us to satisfy them through proper ways. In an islamic society, men and women are not allowed to mix up. Their is no concept of choosing a soul mate in Islam. Rather, islam says that life partner should be the one who is sound in religion because this is the only area which would be beneficial not only in this world but in the hereafter too.

Secondly, the institution of marriage, in islam, is not based on lust. It is a pure relationship which has its limits. Islam does not allow men and women to satisfy their desires the way they want. Instead they are bound to respect each other. Islam does not allow any one to humiliate the others no matter what relationship they are in.

Allah swt has ordered men and women to lower their gaze and be modest in every respect. They are not suppose to even speak too much gently with each other lest shytan incites the evil thoughts in their hearts. But still, men and women are to maintain a respect approach.

If we compare the manner of islam with the valentine's day ans its history, then its crystal clear that this pagan ritual, based on adultery and nonsense, is not to be allowed and observed in any muslim society. And no muslim should ever celebrate such a pagan and satanic ritual. We as muslims, should please Allah, we as muslims should be the one who strive to create a healthy, peaceful and safe environment around us, for us and for others. We should not allows such devilish practices in our society.

Islam does not stops us from loving someone, but islam tells us to go through proper channel. Islam separates humans from animals. So we should denounce all these practices and celebrations for the sake of preservation of our human status.  
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