Gender Equality and Justice

This has been the most favorite subject of talk for feminists for decades. The world has entered into an era where men and women are no more different but they are pushed towards equality. Is gender equality justice? No, gender equality is far from justice to both. Men and women can never be equal to each other. The equality makes them same which is totally out of the balance.

When it is totally wrong to say that men and women are equal, it is also wrong to say that one of them is better than the other. Islam says that on the whole, if both male and female qualities are put to weight, they would be equal but individually, each quality is present or absent, less or more in men and women. So, they should be treated equally but they should not thought equal and same. While west started it all, that both men and women should be thought as equal, this started a very dangerous movement called feminism. Feminism started because just a century ago, western women enjoyed no rights. They were considered useful tools rather than humans by the western men. This long suppression ignited the want for quality in those women which has now turned into disrespecting and humiliating them at all levels.

Unfortunately, this all has entered Muslim societies as well. Islam gave women the rights which they were given before. Islam made them an essential respectable and precious part of the society while feminism has given women only hate and harassment at all level in all respects. Islam says to treat both girls and boys justly. No girl is lower than a boy and no boy can be more important then a girl. In the following verse of Quran, it is explained as;
[006:139] They Say, “The yield of certain cattle (be it milk or calf)  is reserved for our males and is forbidden for our females.” Yet men and women can both share the calf, if it is born dead. Soon We will punish them for all they (falsely) attribute (to Him). Indeed, He is the Wisest, the most Aware. 
That is, the pagan Arabs gave importance to boys over girls. They used to bury their daughters and they used to think girls as a mark of humiliation and shame. Islam came and abolished all such pagan and non sense rituals and cultures. Islam gave women their due respect.
[035:011] Allah created you from dust and then from a drop of semen. Then, He fashioned you into one of two sexes male and female.
the verse mentioned above clarifies it that Allah swt created human beings as male or female. If anyone of them was better than the other, why would Allah swt not mentioned it in Quran? No where in entire Quran it is written that men are better or women are weak. Rather, they are classed according to their abilities. Without women, the balance of life is out. Without men, their could be no generations, so both of them are equally important for carrying the human race further. If men have the ability to go out and earn, women have the ability to run homes. It is scientifically proven than women are better managers than men while it is also proven medically as well as with other aspects of science that men can do those tasks better that require power.

It is wrong to say that women are weak or have lower knowledge than men because it is not true. Women are not weak but delicate. Just like a piece of crystal, which is delicate but not weak. The areas of expertise of men and women are different so it makes no sense to say that men have more knowledge than women.
Even in the basic unit of human race, family, both man and woman share responsibilities and without even one of them, it is difficult to continue.

Therefore, in Islam, gender equality and justice is a reality. But Islam does not support feminism. Feminism has proven to be the most dangerous thought for human race. Feminism is disrespect while Islam is respect and honor for women. 
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