Is Magic Real?

Magic was introduced in world by two angels haroot and maroot. According to some historical narrations, haroot and maroot wished to spend some time in world like humans. Allah swt told them that they could never do so, but He granted, their wish and they were descended to earth. They knew magic so people asked them about it. They warned people about the use of it. It is said that the most dangerous magic, which includes separation between husband and wife was used by people in their time. For the sin of these two angels, their powers were taken away and they were chained at some lonely place. It is said that they are still chained there.

In the times of Prophet Suleman a.s, some people practiced magic. When he got to know about it, he gathered all those books and strictly prohibited magic. According to some Jewish traditions, he ( a.s) buried those books beneath his chair ( throne ). This shows that magic existed long before prophet Suleman a.s. This is why Jews use magic and practice it as their religion and wrongfully relate it with prophet Suleman a.s. The pharaoh in times of prophet Moses a.s. Also used to practice magic to retain his glory and power. This is also mentioned in Holy Quran. Allah swt gave success to prophet Moses over the magicians and upon seeing that, those magicians accepted Islam and renounced evil practices. The following verses of Quran say about the incidents;
[002:102]“They pursued whatever the Shaitans recited (and related) to them in the name and authority of King Sulaiman. It was not Sulaiman who disbelieved (or disobeyed). The Shaitans disbelieved (and denied). They taught people the craft of magic and that (esoteric) art that was revealed to the two angels, Harut and Marut at Babylon. Before the two angels would teach that craft to anyone, they would declare, “We are actually just a trial for you. So do not (succumb to temptations and) be the disbelievers.” Yet they studied from those two (angels), that which caused estrangement between a man and his wife. No one could they harm by it, except by Allah’s permission. They studied that which could only hurt them; it did not benefit them (at all). They definitely knew that the one who acquires this (craft) shall have no share in the (blessings of the) life-to-come. And evil indeed was what they purchased (and paid for) with their souls! If only they knew.” 
[010:079]“The Pharaohs ordered, “Have all the expert magicians summoned before me!”
According to some historians, the place from where magic started and spread is the modern day iraq. This place still holds the ancient books on magic. According to some independent and verified research, magic is still used by the most powerful people to retain their position and power.

Magic is one of the greatest sins that humans commit. As some Muslims would say that there is nothing like magic. Then there surely is magic. Magic exists this is why it Is mentioned in Quran. Our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh was also affected by magic. A pagan practiced magic on him and he pbuh started to forget things. This is when Allah swt revealed surah an-nass and surah al-falak as a remedy against magic. It is sunnah of prophet Muhammad pbuh to recite these surahs at different times of day to be protected from evil.

One thing should be remembered that this evil from satan cannot last. It is a common misconception spread by some people that magic lasts for years. And that there is no remedy of black magic. This is all wrong.  Allah swt say in Quran;
[010:081] “When they did, Musa said, “Surely, what you have wrought is just magic! Allah will inactivate it! Allah does not correct the acts of the mischievous ones!
Thus, magic is inactivated by Allah and those who practice It, if they do not realize their mistakes, then they have no friend and they can never be helped by Allah swt. 
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