Impact of Social Media on Muslim Society

With the advent of social media, meaning of communication has been reshaped. Once, what used to take hours now take minutes and what took minutes now is a matter of seconds. Social media has not just made everything fast, but it also has ended the boundaries.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to spread the word with least cost and least efforts. It is now a common pinion across the globe that it has changed lives. And some times, destroyed them as well. We all have come across many cases on personal as well as public level, where we saw how some people took advantage of some one's information to create a living hell for that person. Mostly, women fell prey to social media's dark side. Women are tricked relatively easily and so they are used and misused until nothing is left for them. In many Muslim societies, such cases show up and girls and boys either committed suicide or were murdered. So just like every other thing, social media too has its dark side.

This has been a debate for long time among Muslims as whether to use it or not. At some places, Internet is considered as haram as alcohol while at some places, there are simply no restrictions. Since Internet is easily accessible and cheap, some satan worshippers have taken advantage of it and they have spread free of cost and cheap illicit material on Internet. Also, the social websites are being used by the low mentality people more than the sane ones.

Mostly, the muslim societies are being targeted through social media by spreading every kind of information against islam and to drag muslims away from Islam. Male and female interaction is evolved because there have come applications/programs which tell you about your soul mate or your love among your friends. Also, there have become online communities and groups just for free mingling where girls and boys are fooled easily.

Similarly, the use of porn material on social media has increased. It is still the policy of all the renowned social media websites to removed any such stuff, but still, in the name of freedom of expression, people are spreading pornographic content without so much as trouble.

What should be done? How can we protect our kids from the dark side of social media? How can we protect our society from becoming morally ill because of the wrong use of social media? We do not know about other societies, but Islamic society has its own rules and regulations ans they are true under all circumstances.

First, islam does not allow mingling of opposite genders. This holds true even for the virtual world. But how could it be monitored? Just like some people spread the wrong use of Internet, the same medium can be used for dawah. In fact, there are many renowned scholars on different websites who are doing dawah online for years now. Their efforts should be supported and their messages should be spread. In this way, not only will it become a mass online dawah program but also it will attract many lost souls to find the way.

Second, how to protect ourselves from the elicit material; it is not very difficult. It used to be a topic of shame once but now, some scholars have taken this necessary step and introduced help in case if one finds himself slave of his desires.

Third, if one wants to protect himself from the dark side of social media, he should spend his time on internet while sitting with his family. In this way, it would be a self monitor and control. Also, parents should check on their kids when they use computer.

It is an understood fact that wrong use of social media has effected our societies very seriously. The danger it poses to our people can be averted just by following islam. Keeping good company in real as well as virtual world is the key. Just like wrong people destroy us in real world, they also can destroy us in virtual world. 
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