Famous Cricketer Mohammad Yousuf Tells His Story of Coming To Islam

The Journey from Yousuf Youhana to Mohammad Yusuf; story narrated by Mohammad Yusuf himself.

Our residence was in Lahore , Railway Colony, Garhi Shahu , where aside from the homes of my religion- fellows (Christians), were the houses of the Muslims as well . I used to spend my most of time with Muslim boys while jumping and playing. Truly speaking I did not found any particular trait or distinction which could arouse my passion to be a Muslim; Muslim boys were having the same hobbies which I had. It was coincident that while I was in FC College, I established my friendship with a classmate boy Javed Anwar, who is the younger brother of cricket superstar and our senior partner Saeed Anwar. Really during my life, I did not found such a good fellow like him. I also frequently used to visit his brother’s (Saeed Anwar) house. Brother Saeed was in national team since 1989 whereas I joined the team in 1998. One of our former cricketer Zulqarnain Haider, who had joined Tablighi Jumaat, would visit brother Saaed Anwar frequently.

Brother Zulqarnain Haider would often persuade Saeed Anwar for the real Islamic life according to the commandments of Allah and the ways of Prophet (sallallaho alaihe wasallam), but Saeed Anwar did not listen him and some time once Zulqarnain or the other fellows of Tablighi Jumaat come to see Saeed Anwar, he used to send me at the door to tell them that Saeed is not available at home. Then with the passage of time I saw a gradual change in Brother Saeed Anwar and he started going closer to Islamic life. Saeed Anwar also increased his interaction with Tablighi Jamaat elders. And then the incident of death of Saeed’s daughter proved to be a U-turn in his life and he totally converted himself into the real life of Islam and Tabligh. He made himself more busy in the sacred job of Tabligh, like 3 days trips. Brother Saeed never persuade me to become Muslim but he ofter used to advise me that while going to sleep daily I should pray from Allah to show me the path of truth (Sirate Mustaqeem). I acted upon the advice of Brother Saeed and I started asking Allah for the path of truth. A good and sudden change in Brother Saeed influenced me a lot.

Then a strange thing happened that one night I saw one my friends Brother Waqar Ahmed, who was from Sheikhupura, came into my dream and asked me, “I heard that you have become Muslim”, I didn’t replied him and then he disappeared and I woke up. It was again a coincidence that in those days I was representing in the cricket team of PIA and just within few days of this dream a match was set between NBP and PIA which was to be played in Sheikhupura. On the set day once I reach the stadium I saw that my friend Waqar was there in the same dress in which he came into my dream and asked the same question of my acceptance of islam in the same manner and words. This incident brought a ray of light into my heart that Allah has shown me the real path of right. In the evening I came straight Cavalry Ground Lahore from Sheikhupura and tell Brother Saeed brother that I want to become Muslim. He hugged me and I said Kalmae Shahadah and now my world was changed, I remember it was October 2002.

In the meanwhile once I used to visit Haji Abdul Wahab, I usually asked him to permit me to announce publically that I have become muslim but he used to sayd, “Not now”. And the reasons behind was that perhaps by seeing no change in face he used to stop me. The I met Sheikh Faheem and Molana Tariq Jameel in the meanwhile. Inzmam was also very happy to hear this and he loved and cared me a lot. Then in June 2005, our team went to Saudi Arabia for cricket match, although cricket matches didn’t held but our team offered umra there in Makkah, I didn’t go because I had not yet publically announced my Islam. My wife, who was no more Taniya but Fatima, was also with me in Saudi Arabia who had also embraced Islam two months before but I gave him complete liberty that you should decide after deliberation.

I was very anxious for umra but didn’t know how to do. Then Sheikh Faheem talked to Brother Alamgeer, living in Madina, to take us along for umra and he took us with him and we both offered our umra which time from midnight to 5 a.m. Sheikh Faheem also talked to Haji Abdul Wahab Sahb and he gave me permission to announce now publically. It was a coincident or a blessing from Allah that the names of children already were Islamic i.e. Aneeqa Yousaf and Daniyal Yousaf. In the start my mother had shown some anger but my father didn’t say anything and all the things are being settled down, alkhamdolillah. I pray from Allah subhanahu wataala to also show the right path to all my family, ameen.
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