Suspicions From Islamic Perspective

One of the most common thing most people do is involved into a talk about a third person and discuss suspiciously about people. This is one of the worst things to incite hatred in hearts. This is why in Islam, it is strictly forbidden to create unnecessary suspicion and spy over others to know what is not meant for us to know.

Mostly, at work place, in educational institutions, at homes, people do this. One of the main motive of doing such a thing is to create trouble and problems for the person under attack. Many an examples are around us where families break, people are destroyed only because of some one's evil suspicions. An interesting thing about spying and suspicions is that most of time, whatever is perceived as wrong on part of the attacked person is always wrong. Most of the time, what we think in our hearts about some one is our own perception.

None of us likes to be spied on and none of us likes to be object of talk for others. This is so because when it is found out that we were being spied and checked, it shatters our trust on others. Similarly, when we know that we are being seen sheepishly, this will break our heart and we will never be friendly with the people we live with or work with.  This is the main gaol of satan, to creat unrest and hared among people. By doing the such silly things, people unknowingly obey satan and incur sin.

Allah swt has specially forbidden us to do this in the following verse;
49:12 Oh you who believe! Avoid being overly suspicious. Some suspicions are, in fact, outright sins. Do not engage in (unwarranted) curiosity; and do not speak ill of others behind their back. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? (Surely) you would feel disgust (at such a thought). So fear Allah! Indeed, Allah accepts repentance and is the most Kind.
This verse directs us to mind our own businesses. Surely, some times people feel that something wrong is going on around them. If and only if they find concrete leads about the concerned matter, they can look into the matter. Otherwise, as the verse says, some suspicions are sin. Because when a negative thought resides in a heart, it is human nature to discuss it further and thus a possibility is there that some one is falsely accused of doing what he never did.

The same verse then says that ghibah is as if some one eats the flesh of his dead brother. How disgusting it sounds, we cannot even imagine it. Similarly, it is disgusting to discuss a person instead of utilizing that time in constructive work. And then Allah swt directs us to repent and fear him.

An hadith also is about the same;

Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 74:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, "Beware of suspicion (about others), as suspicion is the falsest talk, and do not spy upon each other, and do not listen to the evil talk of the people about others' affairs, and do not have enmity with one another, but be brothers. And none should ask for the hand of a girl who is already engaged to his (Muslim) brother, but one should wait till the first suitor marries her or leaves her."
The hadith explains suspicion and gheebah is best possible way. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that it is the falsest of talks and evil because it leads to a list of evils. Many a people lost everything they had only because they were surrounded by such people. We should fear Allah and mind our own businesses. The best time spent is in the remembrance of Allah swt. There is no good in discussion people but only the knowledge of islam and good deeds are beneficial not only in this world but in the hereafter too. 
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