Kaaba HD Wallpapers 2014

Kaaba is known as the house of Allah. Its the direction towards which Muslims all over the world pray. It is also the holiest Islamic place on entire planet. It located in the middle of world's largest and most Important Islamic Mosque Masjid Al Haram In Makkah. among the many desires of Muslims one of their big desire Is to visit Kaaba at least once in their life time. Muslims also go their For Hajj.

Here Is Collection of Kaaba HD Wallpapers 2014:

It is beautiful door of the Kaaba. on it you can see the great calligraphy.

This picture of Kaaba is taken from away when millions of people are present there for Hajj.
It is a HD view of Kaaba from near at the morning time.

another really attractive HD close view of the House of Allah SWT.

This Wallpaper was captured after the Makkah clock tower was made.

Another Lovely Wallpaper of Kaaba with the sun light coming from behind.

Millions of People are gathered In Masjid Al Haram at the time of Hajj.

This pic is taken from far away top place during Hajj days.

This last pic of Kaaba is my favorite one. Its beauty touched my heart. Its taken while people are performing Umrah.

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