American Female Singer Jennifer Grout Accepts Islam

Famous American singer Jennifer Grout who first got popular for her participation in Arabs Got Talent show has accepted Islam On Sunday 5th January 2014 on her tour to Morocco. she is in Morocco now a days for learning the Arabic language.

Jennifer Grout is shown taking the Shahada In a Youtube Video "Asyhadu an la ilaha illallah wa asyhadu anna muhammadan rasulu-llah" meaning I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad saw Is Messenger of Allah. Shahada Is taken when a person converts to Islam and declares that he believes in Oneness of God and believes that Prophet Muhammad SAW is messenger of Allah SWT.

In the Video singer is also show reciting the Surah Fatiha of holy Quran. Jennifer is 23 year old and belongs to American city Boston.

Here is the Video of her Shahada:

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