We Muslims and Media

We all now how much power media has. the media can show a thief as a honest man and a honest man as a thief and people also starts believing In that easily. there are several types of Media like print, electronic, Social media etc. the most powerful medias according to me are Electronic TV and Social Media now a days because these two medias have most audience. Now a days the International Media is showing us Muslims as Terrorists. Wrong News against Muslims are Spread in international media. wherever a Bomb blasts takes place anywhere in the world within minutes Muslims are blamed for it. There are thousands of Websites and blogs online spreading lies against Muslims and Islam.

media and muslims

Everyday on average more then 8 books are written against Islam. But the question is how many Tv Channels we have to defend islam? How many websites and blogs we have? Perhaps they can be counted on fingers. we are far behind in this massive media war. There are thousands of Christian channels working in dozens of languages around the world. how many Islamic Dawah Channels we have? just 3 to 4 which can be counted on fingers.

Peace TV is a great example of what type of channels Muslims actually need? On Peace TV we see programs which answers allegations against Islam.

Its time to wake up Muslims. we need to come up in field of media and reply allegations against Islam. Allah has blessed Arabs with the wealth of oil. they can run many Islamic Dawah channels easily. What we need is to take action and do progress in field of media Industry. To know more on this topic I Would recommend everyone to listen to the lecture of Dr Zakir Naik Media and Islam War or Peace?

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