Islam Promotes Or Opposes Terrorism?

What the world knows about terrorism is not what this term actually means. Just go out the street and ask anyone about terrorism. The only answer you would learn would be the unjust killing and harassment of people. But this is not what terrorism is. Let us see what oxford dictionary describes terrorism as;

Terrorism as in oxford dictionary:

“The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”

In the American English context, terrorism means;

“The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”

The difference between the understood meaning of terrorism and what it actually means is too huge. It is because of the lies of sold media because of which people do not even know what they say.

Islam has been the target of the satanic forces since the very beginning. In every age, evil powers fought against Islam some times in form of decisive wars for power and some times in form of crusade. Now the trend has changed. It is because of the ease of access to the once unknown information that the powers of Satan now have found another way. Today, a huge part of non Muslim world knows Islam as the religion of terrorism. And when they are asked about terrorism, they say that it means killing non Muslims. Does Islam allow the killing of non Muslims? Non Muslims quote this verse of Quran when ever they want to spit venom against Islam;

[002:191] Kill them wherever you find them. Expel them from where they drove you away. Persecution and oppression are worse than killing. Do not do battle with them near the sacred house of worship (Makkah), unless it is they who engage you in battle there. If they fight you there, then slay them (there). That is the due punishment for the disbelievers.

This the that famous verse which non muslims use to defend their hatred for islam. Now, first thing, this verse does not use the word “infidels” or “non muslims” in particular. But this verse is about all those who can create fitnah on the land. Secondly, this verse says that persecution and oppression are worst than killing. So in islam, there is something actually worst than killing, and that it forceful attitude. No one from the non muslim world would ever tell you this because they do not know this simple yet very powerful fact about quran.
Thirdly, this verse does not in any case, tell muslims to instigate the emotions of others by unjust killing but it tells us that only fight back and kill if the opposing forces try to do the same.

Therefore, the verse which is related with terrorism more then often is not even about terrorizing but it is about RETALIATION. It is not about INSTIGATION.

History is witness of all the violence. Just open any book, tap any history button and see for yourself that when ever there was recorded an event of violence, the non muslims were behind it. The biggest massacre of the human history was done by america by bombing atom bombs on japan. The 9/11 terrorism, which was done by white house to pave way for invading Afghanistan. Then unjust pressure on UN was put by non other then America to find out nukes in Iraq which were never there as per every UN report.  Still hundreds of thousands of innocent people are dead only because of the USA terrorism.

In the recent past, what america and its friends did in arab countries is beyond any count. The stable countries like Egypt, Tunisia etc. are now under sectarian and foreign violence only because of the greed of power. The terrorism which Israel is doing in Palestine with the help of America. And now we see the situation in Syria. Bashar ul asad is killing his own people because he is persecuting them. And America and others are funding the other group for the Balance of power. While in the mean time, the mujahideen fighting in Syria are being thought as terrorists just because of America.

Therefore, all the violence and unjust political power is being used by the non muslims to persecute Muslims. Islam does not like unjust killing, so we Muslims cannot unjustly kill any one, be it a muslim or an infidel. The modern media fed definition of terrorism is as false as this picture itself is. Time is, we stand up and stand for our right irrespective of our cast and creed.  
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