Understand Your Husband / Wife

Before marriage When a Muslim man or woman is trying to win the heart of a woman/man, he/she studies her/him. He/She learns what are her/his likes, dislikes, habits, hobbies and other things.

But, after he/she wins her/his heart and marries her/him, he/She often stops learning about her/him. If the amount he/she studied her before marriage was equal to a high school degree, he/she should continue to learn until he/she gains a college degree, a master degree, and ultimately, a doctorate degree.

It is a lifelong journey that draws his/her heart ever closer to hers/hims. Don't forget both of you have to learn together, walk together in the ups and downs of life. both of you have to get mature together and grow together. keep raising the level of your thoughts and understanding and if one of you find your spouse not on same page as you are then take him/her with you to the page where you stand, with kindness, care, respect, honor, and love.

This is a simple but important tip for successful Muslim married life.
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