Islamic Tips To Avoid Zina

Zina Means haram relationship between a man and women outside marriage. Islam not only forbids Zina but also tells us the practical ways to stay away from this Haram act. According to Islam Zina is a very serious sin this is why its punishment is also hard.

Allah SWT has said in Quran Do not go near to adultery. Surely it is a shameful deed and evil, opening roads to other sins.

In today's world of Media, Internet and common free mixing the Zina has also became very common. But by following the guidelines of Islam we can protect ourselves from this haram act. following are some tips to save yourself from Zina.

1 First way to avoid Zina is Hijab. A Women Should cover herself properly and not expose her beauty and body in front of others.

2 Men should keep their eyes low whenever they are outside. Rasool Allah SAW has taught us that if our eyes goes towards a women then lower your eyes and don't watch her again. It protects us from Zina of eyes.

3 Third tip for avoiding Zina is to avoid unnecessary free mixing on different events.

4 Co-Education is another reason that is promoting Zina. There is need of separate education institutes for boys and girls.

5 fifth tip to avoid Zina is that Women should not do Jobs unnecessarily specially on places where men also work. Financial responsibility according to Islam is on Man not women.

6 Next way to stay away from Zina is proper use of technology like TV, Internet and Mobile. Parents should  see how their kids are using technology?

7 Offer Salah regularly and read Quran with translation. it will help you to stay away from wrong path. Also do Zikr of Allah often

8 You should get married as soon as possible if you are capable for it. it will also save you from Zina.

9 Keep Good company of friends. Bad friends will take you towards bad way.

These 9 tips will greatly help you against Zina Inshallah.
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