People Starts Returning After Hajj 2012

Alhamdulillah Hajj 2012 was performed by almost 3 million Muslims from around the world this year at end of October 2012. After Hajj many people went to Madina Masjid E Nabawi after which they are returning to their countries by Hajj Flights.

Pakistani pilgrims are also returning to Pakistan through different flights and they are facing different problems  as usual due to our corrupt and incapable PIA.

Hajj changes life of many people forever. They comeback as new person having Emaan in heart and acting upon the orders of their Allah. According to a Hadith of Rasool Allah SAW a person who performs Hajj correctly becomes like like the day he was born.

While some people continues their old bad life like before Hajj of doing wrong acts.

Hajj is a practice for us to bring a change in our lives and make ourselves slaves of Allah for whole of our life.

I Congratulate all the Muslims who have returned from Hajj this Year. May Allah SWT accept their Hajj. Ameen
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