11 Tips For Muslim Spouses For Happy Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful and Halal relationship. It has great importance in life of every person. For success of a marriage a spouse should do everything to keep his/her partner happy within the guidelines of Islam. Here are 11 Tips For Muslim Spouses For Longer and happy Marriage.

(1) Give her a red flower or any romantic one.
(2) Have breakfast with her in bed occasionally.
(3) Keep every thing that reminds you with the honey month and any good day that you spent together.
(4) Give her a call from your work to tell her that you love her.
(5) Have a picnic together in the weekend.
(6) Go together to the seashore to see the sun setting.
(7) Tell her what you think in and hope for.
(8) Bring her what she prefers of perfumes.
(9) Keep your personal belongings tidy and neatly.
(10) Keep looking at her lovingly and praise her dress and other things.
(11) Give her a kiss before leaving or returning home.
(12) Tell her how much you love.
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