10 Countries Which Have Largest Muslim Populations

The Fresh statistics tells us that now there more than 1.5 billions Muslims living in different part of the world. Islam is now fastest growing and most practiced religion in the world. in coming decades it will surpass the christian population in the world.

The religion to which most people are converting is also Islam surprisingly even in countries like US, France and UK.

In this post we will tell you which are the countries where most Muslims lived in the world?

Indonesia - 205 million Muslims
Pakistan - 190 Million Muslims
India - 180 Million Muslims
Bangladesh - 150 Million Muslims
Egypt - 80 Million
Nigeria - 79 Million
Iran - 74 Million
Turkey - 75 Million
Algeria - 34 Million
Morocco - 33 Million Muslims

These are the top 10 Countries with most Muslim population. Most important Islamic country Saudi Arabia has over 25 million Muslims. among these countries the country which has the largest growing population is Pakistan and it is hoped that soon it will cross Indonesia to become country which most Muslim population.
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