Islamic Apps For iPad

In last 3 years Tablet devices have became very popular. iPad was the first Tablet device launched by Apple which has iOS operating system. Lots of Muslims have also bought these iPad tabs.

I have good news for all the Muslims users of iPad that there are many awesome Islamic applications available for iPad that you can download and use on your Tablet. Most of these Apps are available for free while for others you will have to pay some money.

Following are the top Islamic Apps that are available for iPad:

1 iQuran

and awesome App where you can read the Holy Quran.

2 iPray

Another awesome Islamic App to find out Salah prayer time for any city of the world.

3 99 names Of Allah

This App has all the names of Allah SWT.

4 iAzkar

This Apps contains Islamic Azkar for different occasions.

5 Daily Hadith

This App will show you a new Hadith everyday.

6 Islamic Calendar

To Find out Islamic dates.

7 iHadith

it contains collection of Hadith books.
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