Islam Supports Love Marriage Or Arranged Marriage?

Marriage is a very important part of life and many questions comes in mind of every person regarding Marriage. Everyone wants his/her marriage to be happy and satisfying. We also hear this debate too often on various platforms that whether Love Marriage is better or Arranged Marriage has got the edge?

In our part of the world mostly arranged marriages are done while in western culture Love marriages are more common where divorces are also very common.  What about talking point of view of Islam regarding arrange and Love marriage?

Islam gives great importance to marriage and according to a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW a person who is capable of doing marriage must do it.  Marriage has many benefits. it saves us from going to wrong path and also brings peace in our life.

If we find a good life partner then Marriage is perhaps the most beautiful thing but sometimes marriage can also became a bad dream if you and your life partner are not compatible with each other. So there is great need to find a right life partner for yourself.

Rasool Allah SAW said that a person should chose a life partner who has virtue. Wealth, Beauty and Status are less important than Virtue in eye of Islam.

as far as Love and arranged marriage is concerned Islam supports the arranged marriage but suppose if you have started to like a girl or a boy you can send marriage proposal to him/her. Islam not stops from doing this. 

But Islam totally forbids things like dating, keeping a boyfriend girlfriend. It must also be kept in mind that Islam not allows forced marriage. you can't force a girl or boy to marry someone. Rasool Allah SAW has forbidden from doing this.

 In Islam's view a person should get married as soon as possible after a person is capable for it.
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