10 Islamic Books You Must Read

Most of us loves to read books and when the books which we are reading are turn out to be good then it really increases our pleasure. There are thousands of amazing Books about Islamic available in market out of which i am going to recommend 10 Books that you must read.

These Books will really help you to understand the religion of Islam and will also clear your mind about this lovely religion. So here is the list.

1 Concept of God in Major Religions (Zakir Naik)
2 Christ in Islam (Ahmed Deedat)
3 What the Bible Says about Muhummad PBUH  (Ahmed Deedat)
4 Muhammad The Greatest (Ahmed Deedat)
5 Muhammad (Martin Lings)
6 Tuhfat Ul Aroos 
7 Man and the Universe (Mustafa al Badawi)
8 The Fundamentals of Tawheed (Bilal Philips)
9 The Happiest Woman in the World
10 Science and Quran (Zakir Naik)
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