Dr Zakir Naik My Inspiration

In history of Islam many great Muslim scholars came to this world who played amazing role in spreading the message of Islam. In today's world when even though population of Muslims is more than 1.5 Billion in the world the people who are truly serving Islam are very few and one of those people is Dr Zakir Naik.

Dr Zakir Naik is the President of Islamic Research Foundation and also founder of best Islamic TV Channel Peace TV which is the most viewed Islamic TV Channel. Dr Zakir Naik was a MBBS Doctor but he got inspired by great Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and became a scholar of Islam and started doing Dawah.

He got great success in a very short period of time. Thousands of people are accepting Islam after viewing his lectures and debates every year. He has delivered over one thousand Lectures and debated with famous scholars of other religions.

His Lectures like Quran and Science, Islam and Christianity, Similarities of Islam and Hinduism are really worth watching.

Peace TV was launched in 2005 and became a great success in very short period of time. Now Peace Network has 3 TV channels in English, Urdu and Bangla Language. Dr Zakir Naik is a truly a Inspiration for Muslim Youth like me.
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