Ages of Different Prophets of Islam

Allah SWT sent over 1 lac Prophets towards mankind to show them path of Tauheed and peace in different times and different areas of world. But in Holy Quran we are told about only few of them. the mission of all of these Prophet was same.

Prophets where also humans who born grown up and died. Following are ages of different Prophets that we find in history books.

Prophet Adam A.s age was 930 years.
Prophet Muhammad SAW age was 63 Years
Hazrat Nooh A.s was 950 years old
Prophet Yahya was 95 years old.
Hazrat Yousaf A.S age was 110.
Prophet Haroon A.S age was 119 years
Hazrat Ishaaq A.S age was 120.
Yaqoob A.S age was 139.
Hazrat Musa A.S was 125 years old.
Prophet Ibrahim A.S age was 195.
Unconfirmed age of Prophet Jesus was 33.
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