Loving Your Children

Parents are created as a blessing for their children. They give them great concern, affection and care. Without such an innate love, the parents might not keep patient to rear their children. Those who do not love their children are surly odd people.

Children need love and care to be brought up in a wholesome manner. The Prophet (pbuh) set a great example in rearing his children. He treated them kindly and affectionately.

Following are some of the Hadiths about being kind to your kid:

The Prophet (pbuh) used to protrude his tongue to Al-Hasan, who in turn would notice the redness of his tongue and hurry towards him. [Reported by Ibn Habban]

'Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said,  "Once, a nomad came to the Prophet (pbuh)  and said, "You kiss your children but we do not. The Prophet (pbuh) said, "What should I do with you if Allah stripped mercy from your heart? [Reported by Al-Bukhari]

These Hadiths makes it clear that we should love our Kids and threat them with affection.
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