Islamic Guidelines for Choosing Baby Names

Islam that is not only a religion but also complete way of life which guides us about each and every matter of our lives. Islam even provides us guidelines about Choosing the name for a new born baby that is the topics of my today's post. Kids are one of the greatest blessings of Allah Swt on mankind. When a new baby takes birth in a family along with other issues an important issue that takes place is choosing a good name for the new born baby. Islam provides us guidelines that how we can choose a good name for newly born baby.

First guidelines that Islam gives us is that we should choose a good name for new born babies that are having good meanings. According to Sahih Hadith Prophet Muhammad Saw said You will be called on the Day of Resurrection by your names and the names of your fathers so have good names. So this Hadith clearly mentions that we should choose good names with good meanings. secondly Islam not oblige us to choose specific names of any area like Arabic or non Arabic names so we can keep names of any part of word but they must be good. Thirdly we should choose a name with whom Child we will be satisfied after growing up. Don,t keep a name that Child will reject himself.

Fourthly the name should not contain any Shirk with Allah Swt. Keeping such name that contains Shirk is strongly forbidden and is a big sin. Fifthly keeping such name is encouraged in Islam like Abul Rehman, Abdul Raheem, Abdullah. Sixthly according to Sahih hadith Allah Swt likes Abdullah and Abdur-Rahman the most so try to keep these names. Eight Point is that we can,t keep name of Allah Swt for kids like Rehman, Razzaq, Raheem. Doing this is very common these days but keeping such name is Haram in Islam. so these where simple eight guidelines to keep the name of your newly born baby. I would also like to tell in this article that my name is Ahsan which means better and my name was kept by my Grandfather. May Allah Swt help us all in keeping good names for our Kids.
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