Promoting the Islamic Greeting Salam

There is a Greeting is almost Every Religion which a person gives to other when he meets with someone.  The Islamic Greeting is "Assalamu Alaikum" that is an Arabic word and its English Translation is "May Peace be on you. When a person says  "Assalamu Alaikum" to other the other should respond "Walaikum Assalam" which means May peace be on you as well. The Islamic Greeting is indeed very beautiful but the thing of sorrow is that many of us have left this beautiful Islamic greeting and started saying Hi, Hello instead of "Assalamu Alaikum". There are Many Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad Saw which tells us to Promote the Salam.

in one hadith Prophet Muhammad Saw said Promote the Salam because it increases Love. Another Hadith says that Whenever you meet someone say Salam. Saying Salam is not only a Virtue but a person who promotes Salam is also respected in the Society. Another Hadith says that don,t Enter in anyone's house until you don,t get permission and until you say Salam. Are we following these Islamic Guidelines of Going to someone's house? While talking about the Signs of Judgement day Prophet Saw said People will only say Salam to those people in last days whom they know.

This Sign has come true and most of people don,t say Salam to people whom they don,t know. While the Islam says that we should say Salam to every person whom we meet. Saying Salam will only benefit you in many ways. it will increase your Virtues, it will increase your Emaan and it will increase love between people.  May Allah Swt help us all in following this beautiful Sunnah of Prophet Saw of saying Salam to everyone.
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