Muslim Countries Teams in FIFA World Cup 2010

As the biggest Sports Event FIFA World Cup 2010 is started from 11th June 2010 in South Africa after much wait and Millions of People around the World are loving the watch FIFA World Cup 2010. In Muslim World as well Football is famous Sports and People are watching FIFA World Cup with lot of Excitement. Although most of Muslim Countries don,t have great Soccer teams and good Muslim Football teams like Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia are not taking part in FIFA World Cup 2010 but still there are few Muslim Countries Teams that are playing FIFA World Cup 2010. These teams are Algeria and Nigeria. These two teams are not very good but they are still capable of doing an upset.

Algeria has played one match till now against Slovenia which they lost by 1-0. Although Algeria played better than Slovenia and they have more Ball Position during the match but they where not able to score any Goal and lost by 1-0. Now they have to face England in next match and in case of defeat they will be out of the Tournament. Key Players for Algeria are Rafik SAIFI and Hassan YEBDA. Another Muslim Country team is Nigeria that also lost its first match two good team like Argentina.

In upcoming matches they will have to face South Korea and Greece. Lets see how Algeria and Nigeria performs in upcoming matches. Although there is lot of Enjoyment in watching FIFA World Cup 2010 but many people are missing big players like Zidane, Ronaldo, Beckham and Ballack. Spain and Brazil are the Favourite teams for winning the World Cup this year.
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