Islam Could Save Life of Michael Jackson: Jermaine

Jermaine Jackson Bigger Brother of famous American Pop Singer Michael Jackson who died last year has said that Islam Could save life of Michael Jackson. Jermine said Michael could be with us today if he would have accepted the Islam. Jermaine Jackson was giving the Interview on first death anniversary of Michael Jackson to UK Media on 25th June 2010.

Jermine said it is only Islam that could save life of Michael and i am saying this by many perspectives. He said when a human knows that he is who? and why he has got this life then he himself comes on right path and gets power of making right decisions. He said Islam gives answers of all the questions about our life and tells the main purpose of our life.

Jermaine Jackson said that Michael Jackson was researching about Islam and Allah and i also given him many books about islam which he was reading. He also said that Michael Jackson was not against accepting the islam and he was coming to closer to it slowly. Jermaine Jackson himself accepted the islam after reading the Quran few years ago. Jermine says that i have felt lot of peace after accepting the Islam and its a beautiful religion. Jermine says that Muslim Umah is very lovely because their believe in God is very strong which never leaves them alone in any difficulty of life.
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