True Muslim Is Never Jealous of anyone

Where a True Muslim or Momin has many qualities like speaking truth, Worshiping Allah, Remaining happy, helping the needy people another Important Quality a true Muslim must have is that he never feels jealous of anyone. He never feels jealousy to see anything that other people have and he don,t but he thanks Allah for whatever Allah has given him. Jealousy is not only bad for the health of a person but it is also a sin according to islam. Prophet Muhammad saw said "Save yourself from Jealousy because Jealousy eats Virtues like Fire eats woods. There are many other Hadiths that explains how bad Jealous is for a person.

Heart of a true Muslims is always free of hatred, Jealousy and Nafaq. When he watches any person having something which he don,t have he feels good for that person instead of feeling jealousy. Many People becomes jealous of other because others are having more wealth then them. Such people should think that Allah Swt has given more wealth to that person and they have no right to feel jealous instead they should thank Allah for whatever Allah have given them. our Heart should be full of love for others and we should feel good for others instead of hating and feeling jealousy.

Allah Swt loves those who loves others and Allah Swt don,t like those who are not happy with happiness of others. It is a really sad thing that today Jealousy is a very common thing in our Society. May Allah Swt save us all from this disease of Jealousy.
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