Islamic Scholar Zakir Naik Banned from Entering UK

Famous Muslim Scholar Dr Zakir Naik that is perhaps most famous Islamic Scholar alive today on earth is banned to enter United Kingdom by UK Government two days ago. Dr Zakir Naik had to go to UK for a Islamic Peace Conference that is taking place from 24th June but UK Government has banned him from entering in UK. UK Interior Minister has said that Zakir Naik is banned because he has praised Usama Bin Ladin and he also said that Every Muslim should be a terrorist.

Now lets see are those two blames on Dr Zakir Naik correct due to which UK Government has banned him??? when i done research on this matter i found that UK Government has done the same with Zakir Naik what same Islam haters do.

They quotes verses of Quran out of context to change their meanings. Same is done with Dr Zakir Naik. if we analyse this statement of Zakir Naik that Every Muslim should be a terrorist it is quoted out of context. Dr Zakir Naik said every muslim should be a terrorist against Injustice and bad people while terrorizing innocent people is totally haram in islam. But his statement is presented out of context due to which its meaning was changed. now if we talk about the issue of Usama Bin Ladin Dr Zakir Naik never said Usama is doing right. But Dr Zakir Naik said i don,t know Usama Bin Ladin is doing right or wrong and i cannot give a opinion about Usama Bin Ladin after watching CNN and BBC. Today Dr Zakir Naik has also done a press conference which was also showed in Peace TV in which he has announced to go to UK Court so that Ban can be removed from him. May Allah Swt protect this great scholar of Islam and help him facing all the difficulties.
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