Jesus Christ PBUH in Islam

Jesus Christ Peace be Upon Him is considered a Prophet of God In Islam. In Islam Jesus PBUH is considered one of the mightiest Messenger of God and it is necessary for every Muslim to believe in Jesus Christ PBUH otherwise he is not a Muslim. Islam is the only Religion except Christianity in which it is necessary to believe in Jesus PBUH. Muslim believes as the Quran says that Jesus PBUH was born miraculously without any male intervention which most of Christians don,t believe. In Islam Jesus is also considered a Messiah (Christ).

Muslims also believe that Jesus done many Miracles with permission of God like giving life to dead. In Islam the purpose of Jesus PBUH coming to this world was same as of all the Prophets Giving message of God to humanity that God is one and worship him alone. If we talk about Mother of Jesus PBUH Mary Islam gives great respect to her. There is a complete Chapter with name of Mary In Quran. Quran says Mary was most Pious women of the World.

Islam also believes that Jesus PBUH is not dead and he was picked up alive by God and he will return near Judgement day to this World. According to Quran Jesus was not Crucified on Cross and he was picked up alive by God. Islam also not believes that Jesus is son of God but a Prophet of God. Muslims also follow many sayings of Jesus Christ PBUH which Christians don,t follow like not drinking Wine, not eating Pork, Hijab of women, modest cloths for women. May Allah Swt help us all in following the true message of Jesus PBUH.
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