30 Thousand Women Accepted Islam in 9 years in UK: The Times

Few days ago we told you that Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world and millions of people are entering into Islam all around the Globe. After 9/11 Islam is under attack by Media and Muslims are called as terrorists and Extremists but still Islam is growing rapidly in the world and people are converting to Islam after reading Quran and learning what Islam is? Now a famous UK Newspaper The Times has claimed that over 30 thousand women accepted Islam alone in UK in last 9 years.

According the The Times when Western Governments are talking about banning the Hijab the interest of Western women in Islam is increasing and they are accepting Islam rapidly. The Times also says that when more women are converting to Islam the Christian women that goes to Churches are reducing. Most of Converted Muslim women likes to offer Prayer in Mosque. A Very large number of Converted Muslim women comes to Regents Park Colony mosque in UK.

Newspaper also says that Recent news about banning the Hijab in West is also increasing the interest of Western Women about knowing the Islam. Some other Sources claims that the Women that accepted Islam in UK in last 9 years are over 50 thousands. May Allah Swt bless all those sisters who has converted to Islam.
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