Missing the Islamic Prayer (Salaah Namaz)

Last week as well i written a post about the benefits of offering the Islamic Prayer that is known in Arabic as Salaah while in Urdu as Namaz. Today i will be discussing about Missing the Salaah and its Harms. Salaah is the most Important Islamic Prayer and Allah Swt has ordered more than 700 times in Holy Quran about offering Salaah to Muslims.

Its obligatory on Every Muslim to offer five time Salaah daily. According to Sahih Hadith the question on the Judgement day that will be asked First of all will be about Salaah. Prophet Muhammad Saw said The first thing that a person will be questioned about is his prayers. so we can understand the Importance of Salaah from this Hadith that first of all we will be questioned about it.

Another Sahih Hadith says that Salaah is the Pillar of faith. Now this Hadith as well is explaining the Importance of Salaah and making it clear that for Emaan it is necessary to offer Salaah. Now i will describe another Hadith that we should take as a warning if we don,t offer Salaah. Prophet Saw said I am not responsible for the person that misses prayers intentionally.  Another Hadith that can also be taken as warning says that Salaah is the difference between believer and a non-believer.

If you will not offer Salaah you will not fell peace inside and nor Allah Swt will be happy with you. you yourself can Imagine how Important thing will be Salaah that Allah Swt has ordered more than 700 times in Quran to offer it. May Allah Swt help us all in offering the Salaah regularly.
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