Eight Tips for Muslim Husbands

I have already written many Posts in the past regarding Marriage in Islam, Importance of marriage and tips for a successful Muslim marriage. Today my post is specially for all the Muslim husbands to live a happy life according to guidelines of the Islam. Holy Prophet Saw has said in an Hadith that "best amongst you are the ones who are best to their wives" so this Hadith tells us how Important it is to treat your wives well. Following are some tips for Muslim Husbands and by following these tips you can live a happy life with your wife.

1 Dress up well: You should dress well and clean for you wife. As the husbands likes their wives to look well same way Wives likes their husbands to look well.  Also try to do Miswak for good smell of your mouth.
2 Cute Names: Try to use a Cute name for your wife which she likes. Don,t use such names that can hurt her feelings.
3 Try to Reward her Actions: You should Reward the actions of you wife and treat her with love. Remember she do so much works for you like cooking, taking care of home, taking care of kids etc.
4 Give her Time: Many Husbands don,t give time to their Wives due to their outside works which is a big mistake. always try to give maximum time to your wife.
5 Have Fun with her: Try to have fun with her by giving her time. you can play games with her, do jokes with her etc.
6 Give her Gifts: According to Hadith of Prophet saw giving gifts increases Love. you should give gifts to your wife it will increase Love between you.
7 Treat Her with Love: You should always treat your wife with Love. Even if she is doing something wrong try to correct her with love instead of getting angry on her.
8 Make Dua: The Last Tip is that Do Dua for her and your whole family.

So these are Eight tips i wanted to share for Muslim Husbands to live a happy life with your wife. I am not yet married so i will also try these tips after getting married Inshallah Hahahaha. May Allah Swt help everyone to treat their Wives with Love.
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