Divorce Talaq in Islam

Today my topic is very sensitive one and it is Divorce which in Urdu is known as Talaq. Islam which have cleared all the matters of life and guided us about everything all explains the Procedure and rulings about the Divorce. According to Sahih Hadith Divorce is a very hateful thing near Allah Swt and it must be given only in case of absolute necessity. Sometimes things becomes so much complicated between wife and Husband that they can,t live together anymore so in this case Divorce is given to get separate. A man who wants to divorce his wife should do it after thinking and consideration. Giving Divorce in Anger is not correct so a man should not Divorce her wife in anger.

In Islam a couple not remains husband wife when three Divorces takes place. Now i come towards another important issue related to Divorce that did three Divorces takes place at same time? If we read Sahih Hadith at one time only one Divorce can takes places and then second and third Divorces can take place after periods of times. Even if a man gives three divorces at same time only one divorce takes place. Some people thinks that three divorces can take place at same time. But if we read Hadiths during the time of Prophet Muhammad Saw only one Divorce could take place at a time.

Also at time Hazrat Abu Bakar Khilafat one Divorce could took place at one time. at time of Hazrat Umar too many people started giving divorces and watching this Hazrat Umar imposed the law that three divorces can take place at same time as a punishment. So the correct Sunnah way is that only one Divorce can take place at one time. If we accept that three divorces can take place at same time it will create lot of problems because many people gives three Divorce same time in anger and when their anger ends they came to know that they have given three divorces. After giving three Divorces at same time they do another Haram thing to marry again that is known as Halala. According to Sahih Hadith Halala is completely Haram. May Allah Swt help us all in using Sunnah way in every matter of our life.
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