Who Is Satan?

We all know who he is, and what he does and did. The concept of shytan or Satan is there in every religion but the true concept is founded in Abrahamic religions only. Among Abrahamic religions, the true picture of Satan is only given by Islam, other religions corrupted their scriptures so whatever written in them cannot be believed with utmost surety.

So, the story of shytan as mentioned in Quran is that he was a jinn, who was taken to heavens by angels when he was a kid. According to some traditions, he was a very beautiful child and he was alone and was crying. When angels passed by him, they took him and with ALLAH's permission, he was raised among angels. He was very worshiping. He used to worship ALLAH swt more than angels and for this he was called azazil. When he got to know about a new creation, humans, he got jealous. When ALLAH swt ordered angels to prostrate before Adam pbuh, angels did but Satan denied saying that human was no better than him. He said that human is made of clay while he was made of fire. Above all, he felt jealous because ALLAH swt has taught humans that knowledge which was not taught to any other creation before. It was for this knowledge that angels prostrated Adam pbuh. because of his disobedience, ALLAH swt banished shytan from heavens by calling him Satan. He somehow managed to enter jannah where Adam and Eve were living. He made them eat the forbidden fruit.

Basicly, shytan wanted the same to happen with Adam and Eve which happened to him. But ALLAH swt know everything and HE knows why things happen. So He sent Adam and Eve to earth where they repented and made dua mentioned in Quran;

7-23 “They said: Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves. If thou forgive us not and have not mercy on us, surely we are of the lost!”

So ALLAH swt pardoned them ans human race began. Now, shytan has aksed ALLAH swt for the respite till the day of judgement for misleading human beings and leading them away from ALLAH swt. ALLAH swt granted him this. Just look at the fate of shytan, when he could ask for ALLAH's forgiveness, he chose to go against HIM. When he knew that ALLAH swt is all in all, he did not chose to repent, but he chose war. Satan knows that his destination is hell, and he probably have some idea ( ALLAH knows the best) what hell is, still he chose the hell over heaven. He knew ALLAH's mercy, but he chose HIS wrath. What a cursed fool Satan is. And what fools humans are to follow him who is marked for hell.

The word shytan, according to some historians, has derived from shatana which means a far away thing. According to other historians, this word has been derived from word shata which means burned. Most historians say that the first meaning is more accurate because when iblees disobeyed ALLAH, he went far far away from all the mercy and kindness and goodness. The second meaning can also be taken because shytan is a jinn created from fire.

Shytan has prepared his army against human race and with passing centuries this army has become huge. His agents include both men and jinn. So the common misconception that shayatin are only jinns is wrong. It is also mentioned in glorious Quran as follows;

6:112 And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies ـ Shayatin (devils) among mankind and Jinn, inspiring one another with adorned speech as a delusion (or by way of deception)

Also, there are many sayings of Prophet Muhammad pbuh where He pbuh told us about shayatin. According to a hadith recorded in musnad ahmed, prophet Muhammad pbuh said:

“O Abu Dharr! Seek refuge with Allah from the devils of mankind and the Jinns.) Abu Dharr said, "I asked him , `Are there human devils' He said, (Yes.)”

thus, Satan has both human and jinn companions. About humans, some cults have existed for long who worship satan. Even today, there are some secret satanic temples where children, new born babies, males and females are molested and sacrificed to please shytan. The modren day known cult of Satan is known by the name “zion”. According to some authentic research, Zionists worship Satan. Most of the Zionist belong to Judaism. And their strong hold is in Israel,  the illegal state, America and Britain. ALLAHU ALAM.

Satan has always attracted human attention with riches and short term worldly pleasures. And humans have always felt attraction for satanic fool. We should seek ALLAH's refuge from the evil of Satan. Because for every trick of Satan, we know simple and easy solutions which Satan does not like. May ALLAH swt keep us safe from satanic traps. Amin 
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