Stone In Air (Flying Stone) Is a Hoax With Fake Images

Among the dilemmas of Muslim Ummah One dilemma is that they believe in everything which they see in the name of religion and they start considering It to be true with the blind eyes. There are hundreds of So called Islamic Miracles Images that are spread all over Internet and are very popular among Muslims. Most of these Images are fake but Innocent Muslims starts considering them to be true and shares them with each other on social sites. People names those pictures as Miracles of Allah.

Many Big Islamic Pages On Facebook shares those Images to get more Likes and Shares on their pages without verifying that either the Images are true or fake. One of the those Fake Pics is of Stone In Air In Jerusalem.

Following are two Fake Images Of this Stone In Air that are popular on Social Media:

along with these fake pics people also spreads many fake stories related to this stone like this Stone went in Air when Prophet Muhammad SAW went to Masjid Al Aqsa. some people claims that its a stone in Saudi Arabia.

Now Lets see the original Pics of this Stone In Air which proves that above pics are actually fake. The stone is present in Al-Ahsa Saudi Arabia.

Now the reality of this Flying stone is clear so I would request all my brothers and sister to not spread the fake pics of this stone. Also try to avoid sharing other fake Miracles Pics. Remember Islam not needs such pics to prove its truthfulness. Quran Is itself a miracle. If you want to spread Islam then spread it through Quran and Sunnah.
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