The Importance of dua of Aafiyah

If asked for the most wanted thing in life, most people will choose not money, but peace. We all strive for peace in life. We all want to have it despite of all the rush in life. But in the times as today, peace is not easy to find.

Islam presents a solution for all the peace and goodness in life. It takes only a minute to have it. The Arabic word Aafiyah is used for all the goodness in life. Aafiyah encompasses the aspects of peace, health and wealth. Muslims are told to recite the daily Dua of evening and morning to seek aafiyah and refuge.  Our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH told us many such Duas among which two are written below.

Reference: sunan abu daowood 5090
“O ALLAH! Bestow me aafiyah in my body. O ALLAH! Give me aafiyah in my ears. O ALLAH! Give me aafiyah in my eyes. There is no one worthy of worship but YOU.”

This dua is so full of meaning. It encompasses prayer for all the fears which humans have. We all want our body, our eyes and our ears to be free from all the possible evils. We would never like to do anything which causes harm to our soul or our body. So this is a complete dua against all the fears.

Then there is another dua for aafiyah which is mentioned below.

Reference: sunan abu dawood 5074
“O ALLAH! Verily, I seek aafiyah from you for the world and for the hereafter.  O ALLAH! Verily, I seek aafiyah from you for deen, duniyah and wealth and I ask you to forgive me. O ALLAH! Conceal my defects and bestow me with peace against fears. O ALLAH! Protect me from my front and from my back and from my right and from my left and from above and I seek refuge with your greatness from that with which I might be destroyed from below.”

This dua is full of every possible aspects of life. A Muslim does not only want to live in peace and health in this world but also wants a good place when the time of the hour comes. So this dua is complete with respect to our fears for the hereafter and for the fears that an unexpected harm might befall us from unknown. We also do not like uncertainties in life no matter how much uncertain life itself is.

These duas are prescribed by our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH.  These should be recited every morning and evening (and in between as much as one wants) to seek refuge of ALLAH from all the evils of this world and from all the evils that linger within us.

Remember, Islam does not only mean to act good, but it also mean to remember ALLAH, our beloved creator, every second of every minute of our lives.
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