The manner of offering Salah

After kalimah, the second pillar of Islam is salah. ALLAH swt enjoined upon us, five salah daily. To offer them in perfect manner is our responsibility.

Salah is the duty assigned by ALLAH swt for every Muslim. Salah should not be considered only an act of worship but in Islam, salah means meeting with ALLAH. So, Muslims get a chance to meet and talk to ALLAH swt directly five times a day. This meeting is not separated by any veils. ALLAH swt listens to HIS men in their salah. So there is a proper manner devised for offering salah. One cannot simply stand up to offer salah but there are some important things to consider before it which is described below in their order of importance.

1: Cleanliness
The first and foremost important matter is cleanliness. This is one of the most emphasized pre-requisite for everything in Islam. It has been ordered in Quran, and our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH also emphasized on it.

Al-Quran 74:4-5
“Cleanse and keep your clothes purified. And keep clear away from filth.”

Similarly, in a sahih hadith, cleanliness have been mentioned has half of deen.

Bukhari-Book 002, Number 0432:
“Abu Malik at-Ash'ari reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: Cleanliness is half of faith…”

2: Modest and clean and best clothes
Salah should be offered in modest, clean and best clothes.

Al-Quran 7:31
“O Childern of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of worship…. “

This verse tells us in clear cut words that one should wear his best clothes at the time of worship and in the place of worship. Clothes should not be only beautiful but they should be modest. Both men and women should not wear see-through or tight clothes.

3- Salah should not be offered too loud or too slow
After completing the primary necessities, comes the manner in which salah should be recited. ALLAH swt has mentioned in holy Quran (17:110) that salah should be recited in a voice which is neither too loud nor too slow. It means that voice should be loud enough so that the one who offers it hear his own words but without creating disturbance for the rest.

4: Do not make haste
Salah should be offered in clam and peaceful manner. Every word should be recited in such a way as you want to make your listener understand it. Remember that salah is direct conversation with ALLAH. So it should be in the most polite, humble and perfect manner.

5- Do not waste your salah
In the end, when salah is over do not rush towards worldly things. Instead, stay for zikr if not long then brief. Be decent in every aspect of your salah and hope and pray that your salah is accepted and liked by ALLAH, the most high.

These are five Important manners that we should follow for offering the Salah.
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