Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?

Do Muslims Believe in Jesus? This is a question which is often asked by Non Muslims specially our Christian friends. ALLAH swt sent many messengers on earth to guide humanity from Adam PBUH to Muhammad saww. HE sent them to spread HIS deen i.e. islam and to guide the misguided. But some nations made their prophets, more than prophets. Of the known prophets, Jesus Christ PBUH was one of those who was worshiped as god by his nation. Jesus Christ PBUH was sent to Bni Israel so that the nation which was being led astray by the Jewish clerics, could be led to the right path.

Do Muslims Believe in Jesus

Jesus Christ PBUH met many hard times in His life of preaching and He met the most opposition. After ALLAH swt raised Him to heavens, Christians started worshiping him and calling him son of god.

The pagan king Constantinople who was also called son of god manipulated Christianity to the extent that he changed the very foundation of it. Christianity, which was actually islam, because anything but islam. Jesus Christ came ot preach islam, he was a muslim not a “christian” or “son of god” as the popular belief of Christians. ALLAH swt has stated on various place sin Quran that Jesus PBUH was no one but HIS messenger who was given wahi. Some of the verses are given below which describe the status of Jesus Pbuh and also the oneness of ALLAH swt.

Glorious Quran 3:52

When Jesus sensed (disbelief and) denial on the part of the children of Israel, he asked, “Who will be my supporter in the cause of Allah?” The disciples responded (promptly), “We are the helpers of Allah! We believe in Allah. Bear witness, that we are really the obedient ones (the muslims)!”

Glorious Quran 3:62

(Concerning Jesus), this certainly is the true account. There is no god, except Allah; and Allah is definitely the most Powerful, and the Wisest!

These verses not only describe Jesus as messenger of ALLAH but also tell us that no oen is worthy of worship but ALLAH alone. This is what is said in Quran which is the ultimate truth. There is a very interesting fact to which rejects the false claims of christianity. That fact is; no where in bible Jesus Pbuh ever said that he was god. In fact he asked GOD for help which means non which is associated with him is true. It is also written in bible that Jesus Pbuh prostrated before ALLAH swt which means nothing but he was a man of GOD who seeked his help all the time. Thus, Jesus Christ Pbuh is muslim.

To prove it further, christians believe that Jesus Pbuh will return before the final verdict which is also true in islam but with exception. Christians think that jesus will be resurrected while Muslims believe that Jesus Christ who was never crucified, will return back alive, live his life and then die. And it would not happen until all the people of book would believe on him.

In Glorious Quran, ALLAH swt has described this as;

Glorious Quran 4:159

In (the throes of) death, every single one of the people of the book would certainly (come to know, and would) believe in Jesus. On the Day of Judgment, he (Jesus) will be a witness against them.

This verse is one of the biggest proofs and the most significant fact which rejects all the absurd christian beliefs on Jesus Pbuh.

I Hope you now got the answer of this question very well that Do Muslims Believe in Jesus?
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