Reality of Eid Milad Un Nabi

Eid Milad Un Nabi (12 Rabi Ul Awal) is celebrated as the birthday of Prophet Muhammad pbuh. while nowhere in the life time of prophet Muhammad pbuh or his companion or the three rightly guided generations, any one celebrated it. Still, today a huge number of people across the world observe this day as third eid. This is an innovation in deen and this has led people to do more and more biddah.

According to historians, a shia king in umayyad dynasty started this biddah. He did not only started it but also introduced dancing and music to celebrate this day. He was the one who started spending extravagantly to show off his love for Muhammad pbuh. today, we see that those who do not otherwise give charity spend lavishly on mwalid.

The reality of this celebration is way too ugly than it looks. Once what was started as a show off of love has now become a musical concert day. In last 10 years, people actually arrange music concerts to celebrate 12 rabil awal. They go on to the extent of calling dancing girls to dance for them.

Streets are decorated and nights of nashid singing are arranged. A nashid singers are booked months before this day.

To show off the so called love, people cook food and divide it among relatives and poors. Most people who otherwise do not even look at the hungry people spend money so that they could be called prophet lovers. The quran recitation mehfils are arranged where people recite quran less than they do ghibah and worldly talk.

Similarly, there are many other biddahs which people do. There are not just display of money and love but some sects have innovated special worships for this day and night. There is a special prayer exclusively to see Prophet Muhammad pbuh in dream, which is total ot of islam. Then, special cakes are made and cut like christians. So people have gone ot the extent of imitating the mushriks.  According to the sahih tradition of prophet Muhammad pbuh, it is forbidden to imitate other nations. Those who do this would become a part of the other nations. Thus, the gravity of this sin can be understood.

Pople have associated so much other falsehood with this day. For example, people say that in mwalid mehfils, prophet Muhammad pbuh himself visits and blesses the people. Also some people say that the royal convoy of prophet Muhammad pbuh passes from the cities and it leaves behind strange sweet smell which is witnessed by many people. Also people have made many false stories like foot print appearance of prophet Muhammad pbuh on floor on night of 12 rabiul awal. And so on and so forth.

The reality is that the falsehood and biddah associated with Eid Milad Un Nabi are only to satisfy the weak nafs of ahle biddah. Otherwise, no where in Islam, there has been found even the slightest clue of such an absurdities. Islam has never supported lavish display of money or false display of love for any one. Islam supports simplicity and total submission free of all show off. 
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