Rights of Relatives In Islam

Allah swt has created us surrounded by relatives. Some of them are closest to us, like parents and siblings and some are not so close. Just like we are not born alone, we cannot survive alone. To have a better life time we must be good to our relatives. Rights of Relatives In Islam has great importance.

On the basis of importance, parents top the chart. It is parents who bring us in this world and then bring us up and be on our side in every walk of life. So Allah swt has set some boundaries when it comes to parents and the one who crosses them commits sin. Hurting parents and disrespecting them in counted as major sin. And those who do not treat their parent well will be judged with punishment. Allah swt has ordered us in Quran to respect parents. In daily five time prayers, we ask Allah swt,  forgiveness for ourselves as well as for our parents. From this, it can be understood that the importance of parents is so much. This is described in Glorious Quran in these words;
"And worship Allaah alone, and do not set-up any partner to Him in worship, and be kind and good to the parents, and to the relatives." [Soorah an-Nisaa 4:36].
Then comes the siblings. We all have spent our childhood with our siblings. We all have made many  joyous memories with them. So siblings also have their rights upon us. In times of need, it is a must for us to stand for our immediate blood relations. The verse mentioned above indicates to be good towards not only parents but also with the relatives. Here, relatives does not mean few favorite relatives but all relatives. In islam, it is encouraged to help poor relatives. In fact, when it comes to distribute zakah, the poor relatives have the first right on zakah then the neighbors and then others.

Spouses and children are also the part of family. So they also have exclusive rights. When it comes to wives, Allah swt has made it very clear on men to be good to them. There is no way that a man who is not good to hs wife can be spared on day of judgement. Similarly, wives are also directed to be good and honest to their husbands. If they fail to do so, they will be questioned firmly. The relationship of wife and husband is given great importance in islam. It is because marriage is the only solution ot save the society from evil. So, when two people are bound in this relationship, they ought to be good towards it.

Children also have rights. They cannot be left in this world alone. Parents are responsible to bring them up with great care. No matter what happens, never harm your children in any way. The irresponsible attitude of parents in one common thing which destroys children's lives. It is not fit for the parents to kill daughters and keep sons, nor is it fit for them to kill them because of the fear of hunger. Allah swt brings a soul in this world with rizq written. In the verse given below, it is clearly mentioned to not harm the children at all.
6:140 “Those who killed their children out of folly and the lack of knowledge, incurred a great loss. So did those who forbade themselves the blessings that Allah had bestowed upon them, those who fabricated lies about Allah. They have gone far astray; they are not on the right path.”
If one keeps his path straight in this world, ALLAH swt promises him to be with his relatives not only in this world but in hereafter too. The following verse of Glorious Quran says;
13:023 “They will enter the eternal paradise, and so will the righteous among their forefathers, children and wives. Angels will come to serve them from every door.”
Otherwise, nothing that is given in this world can be of any use in the hereafter if life is spent in vain.  It is nature of human being to bear all the trouble for family. People surpass everything when it comes to bring comfort to their families. And in this they mostly forget their fard of Islam. This is why Allah swt says;
18:46 “The wealth and children are mere adornments for the life of this world. In the eyes of Allah, the good deeds one leaves behind are better in terms of expectations and outcome.”
So It is binding upon Muslims to be attentive to the needs and rights of relatives. Whereas, the priorities are also defined in Islam with respect to relatives. All it takes in sincere efforts to look after each other. If all people try to be good towards their relatives, mutual jealousy, hatred and evil will cease to exist. 
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