Dealing With Difference Of Opinion

Since the start of human race, world has faced many great and small differences in opinions. Some differences went so far to start a war and caused destruction of nations. What is to be done when differences become serious? Islam has a very clear stance over such matters.

Since, it is human nature to bring his opinion into light and it is bound to oppose a set of people. But it does not mean that if someone opposes you, it means war. No matter what the difference is, keep in mind that you have to respect other's opinion as well except in extreme cases where religion is at stake.

Do not fall for sectarianism. If two group of muslims are found fighting over a matter, the best is to refer to what ALLAH swt and His messenger muhammad PBUH said about it.  If still there is no solution found or matter is not understood, the best thing is to stay away from it. It is much better than favoring one group over the other because of personal likeness.

Do not go about telling others what you do not like in certain person or group of people. This will cause the mutual hate to grow further, instead choose the way of talk. Just like world saw many wars over disagreements, world has also seen many great fights end over simple talk. So, do listen to others' opinion and take with open heart.

Prescribed Duas For Tough/Difficult Times

In difficult times, instead of cursing fate, islam prescribes us to make astaghfar and dua as much as we can. Below are listen few of the duas from Glorious Quran which can be recited at any time of the day.

1: Ad-Dukhan-12

(Then they will say): Our Lord relieve us of the torment. Lo! we are believers.

2: Al-Mominoon-118

And (O Muhammad) say: My Lord! Forgive and have mercy, for Thou art Best of all who show mercy.

3: Al-Tawba-129

Now, if they turn away (O Muhammad) say: Allah sufficeth me. There is no God save Him. In Him have I put my trust, and He is Lord of the Tremendous Throne.


When the young men fled for refuge to the Cave and said: Our Lord! Give us mercy from Thy presence, and shape for us right conduct in our plight.

This is how we can deal with the difference of opinions and hard times Inshallah.
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