Iblees The Most Dangerous Enemy

Iblees (Satan) is the most dangerous enemy of humanity. He traps men in the worldly things in such a way that freeing from it feels virtually impossible. According to scholars, iblees's evil are of six types with which he traps and tricks humans. When one falls into one of them, he eventually falls for the second one and then third and so on. This way, a chain reaction is started which ends with extreme effort. The evils of Satan are listed below:

The first and foremost evil which satan spreads in the evil of kufr and shirk. This is that sin which will not be pardoned as said by ALLAH swt. So this is that sin which earns Satan most points in this world. Since, Adam a.s and his race was created to worship ALLAH swt alone ( as mentioned in glorious Quran being the purpose of creation), so iblees wants sons of Adam to avert from this purpose. He does this because he is at war with us since the day we were created. And to continue and win this war in this world, he can do anything.

The second evil is related to the first evil. It is the evil of innovation (biddah). There are many sahih traditions of prophet Muhammad pbuh which say that biddah is one of the greatest evils. Innovation in deen is evil because one who does this signals the world his dissatisfaction from the existing divine law. Thus, a man who indulges in the act of biddah eventually does shirk because he relies more on his own whims than the divine law.

Than comes the major sins. Now, if iblees cannot somehow trap someone in first two evils, then he chooses the third type, the major sins. The major sins include a wide variety of sins like, un-just killing, lying, ghibah, conspiring, disrespecting parents, misuse of knowledge etc. all these sins if persisted, eventually lead to shirk. Shytan spreads all these enticing sins with the helps of his agents, sons and daughters. While most of people are not aware of this fact, but Satan has a huge army which he uses against us constantly. When we think we are at peace, Satan is not a believer in waste of time. He started his war with the birth of first human and he will continue doing so till the end of time comes.

Minor sins come after major sins. If a person fears committing major sins, shytan's active senses direct him to lead humans into minor sins. Minor sins are those which are some time so routine that we do not even feel them. For example, speaking loud, wasting time, not caring for help, etc. these activities get into minor sins when they become a hazard to human life's purpose. So shytan's army is activated to lead those humans astry into minor sins when they do not commit major sins. If a person does not feel committing minor sins he eventually falls into major sins which could lead him to shirk.

There are man of ALLAH swt who know the evil of shytan and they do all possible effort to avoid even the minor sins. When iblees encounters such people, he makes them indulge into those act which have no sin or swab associated with them. Thus, iblees tries his level best to cease man from earning swab if he is cannot commit a sin.

The last type of keeping man from earning reward is to make him earn lesser reward. Look at this cunning mean enemy, he even tries to keep man from earning more reward by indulging him in act which earn less reward.

Iblees, is that enemy who is constantly at war with us. He does not waste his time. He does not sit idle rather he makes us sit idle, indulge in idle talk, do stupid things and act badly. He is doing so because he does not like us. He was once the most worshipping creation and his status was raised from jin to angels. And then, die to his arrogance and looking down upon us, AALLAH swt threw him away from heavens. But do not panic, with every trick that Satan plays, we are told a trick to trick him. If we only worship ALLAH with sincere heart and strive to please HIM and only HIM, then shytan would never be able to trick us, no matter if he uses all his army to lead just one person away.
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