Riyaa the Minor Shirk

Riyaa means doing the acts that are for pleasing Allah Swt for pleasing the People not Allah Swt. I will give some Example of Riyaa if you are performing the Prayer and someone is watching you and you make the prayer long just because someone is watching you it is Riyaa because you have made the prayer long for that person not for Allah Swt.

Another Example i can give is helping the poor people for showing the other people instead of for pleasing Allah Swt is also Riyaa. Rasool Allah Saw called Riyaa the minor shirk.

we all know that the biggest sin is Shirk while the Riyaa is minor shirk so we can understand how big sin is Riyaa. Rasool Allah Saw said "The thing that I fear most for you is the minor Shirk Riyaa". Rasool Allah Saw called Riyaa even mor dangerous  than Dijjal. Riyaa comes in the heart of man and the reason of Riyaa is the weak Emaan. when a person will have strong Faith in Allah Swt he will remain away from Riyaa.

Our every act must be for Pleasing Allah Swt not for showing people. following are some of the tips for remaining away from Riyaa:
1 increase your knowledge about Islam
2 do Dua to Allah Swt.
3 hide your good deeds like if  you have helped a poor don,t tell it to everyone.

May Allah Swt help us all to keep ourselves away from Riyaa and do all the deeds for Pleasing Allah Swt.
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