Is Cricketer Brian Lara Really Converted to Islam?

Brain Lara is the Former Westindies Master Batsman and considered one of the best batsman in the history of Cricket. From Last few days there is a news spread everywhere that Brain Lara is converted to Islam on the hand of Pakistani Former Batsman Saeed Anwar. This news spread through Mobile sms and Website everywhere.

Today i got this news in a new style that First happy news of new year 2010 that Famous Cricketer Brain Lara has accepted Islam on the hand of Saeed anwar and Junaid Jamshed. but is it true? when i searched about it i came to know that its not truth Brain Lara is not converted to Islam and someone spread this fake news everywhere. These days many fake news are spread through Mobile sms and Internet and it reaches millions of people within few days. another fake news about Lays chips that its haram was also spread i can give you many examples.

Many people forwards sayings of Hazrat Ali r.a through sms messages but most of them are not sayings of Hazrat Ali r.a. My purpose of creating this post was to tell you my brothers and sisters please search that the news or Hadees your are forwarding through Sms or Internet is true or not? otherwise you are involving in lies actually. May Allah Swt helps us all of speaking the truth.
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