Enter the Mosque with Good Breath

Many People Enter Mosques with Bad Breaths that is may be due to onion or garlic or other reasons. This is against the Islamic guidelines. There Several Ahadees about it. in one Hadees Rasool Allah Saw forbade eating of onions and leek to Sahabas. When we were overpowered by a desire (to eat) we ate them. Upon this  (Rasool Allah Saw) said: He who eats of this offensive plant must not approach our mosque, for the angels are harmed by the same things as men.

keeping yourself clean is important part of Deen. its not only necessary to keep yourself clean with taking showers and Wazu but also some other important things such as keeping your breath good, keeping your hairs right. For good breath there are many things you can do. Best one is as we all know is Maswak that is also the Sunnah of our Prophet Saw. Do Maswak before every Salaah. There are many Alcholol free Mouthwashes as well that you can try. And thousands types of Gums which can keep your breath clean.

I hope that you will like my advices about keeping your Breath Good and will not take it personally. May Allah Swt help us all to keep ourselves Clean and follow they way of Rasool Allah Saw.
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