Hadiths to Teach your Kid at age 3

Islam is a complete way of Life and guides us in every matter of life . from sleeping to eating from walking to teaching Islam guides us about everything. Islam also tells us how to take good care of Kids. I read a book of Abu Ibrahim which contains different Hadiths which you must teach to your children at different ages. today i will share Hadiths that you must teach your Kids when they reach the age of 3.

1 The person who will Say "Lailaha Illa" will enter Janaah.
2 Giving Dawah of a good thing is also Virtue.
3 The best among you is who learns and teaches the Quran.
4 When you hear the Adhan Answer it.
5 Remove the painful thing from path it is also a virtue.
6 The person who is not kind to smalls and not respects the elders is not from us.
7 you and your wealth is of your Father.
8 Doing a work properly is from Allah and doing a work in hurry is from Shitaan.
9 The person who is not thankful to others he is even not thankful to Allah.
10 the most respectable person is that who has Virtue.
11 the most mistakes by human are done by his tongue.
12 The true muslim is that from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are safe.
13Allah likes the person who has a good character.
14 The Good Emaan is patience in difficulty and forgiving others mistake.
15 Allah Swt is Beautiful and likes the Beauty.
16 giving gifts to each others increases love.
17 Be kind on humans Allah will be kind on you.
18 the person who controls his anger Janaah is for him.
19 World is a Prison for Momin and Janaah for Kafir.
20 Mosque is the house of every Momin.

Hadiths for the Kids of other ages will be posted in the future by me.
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