New Fitna of Lady Imam and Moazan

In New York Usa a New type of Azan and Prayer was offered where a Women said Azan without Hijab and with shoes and after that Men and Women together offered prayer standing shoulder with shoulder and feet with feet  before a Lady Imam. They offered Prayer in a Church because all Mosques denied to allow them to offer such type of Salaah Prayer.

Islamic Thinker society did a protest against it and called it a new Fitna. the organizer of this prayer was a Indian Nijad Journalist Nomani. and Imam was a women Doctor Amina Wadood. while Azan was said by a women named Sohela who said Azan without Hijab and with shoes and said we are offering prayer together because in Islam Men and Women have equal rights. Many Gilrs where wearing Jeans as well.

Following are the Photos of this Prayer and Azan:

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