Are Muslims Terrorists???

Are Muslims Terrorists or under terror? Count the occupied Lands of the world. Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Kashmir. what is special about them. yes you got it all of them are Muslims lands. Now you tell me Muslims are terrorists or themselves under terror because all of their lands are occupied.

and when Muslims tries to defend themselves and wants to get there lands back you say this is terrorism. US came to Iraq for weapons of mass destruction where are those weapons. But one millions Muslims of Iraq are killed. US Came to Afghanistan by saying Alqaeda did 9/11 what are the proofs. did you gave a single proof? Even if Alqaeda did it why thousands of innocent Afghans are killed in return?

India came to Kashmir 62 years ago. Pandit nehru prime minister of India of that time said what kashmiri people will decide they will be free to join Pakistan or India. the resolution is still in UN from 61 years and kashmiri,s want freedom and want UN to act on that resolution but UN doing nothing. 90000 Kashmiri People are killed till now. Come to Palestine when jews where thrown out from all over the world they was Palestinians who welcomed them as host to come to Palestine. but in a few years hosts themselves were thrown out from there own country by jews and they made there own country Israel on Palestinian land. tell me a single place of the world which is occupied by the Muslims. All Muslim lands are occupied by other and when Muslims struggle to get their lands back it is called terrorism.
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