Ban on Building of Biggest Mosque of UK

UK officials has banned the building of biggest mosque of UK giving another proof of their hatred for Islam. Olympic games are also going to held near this mosque in London. the reasons that are told for the ban on Mosques are that this Mosque was under control of Extremists.

Local Muslims has said that the mosque was not under control of any extremists and the ban is imposed on pressure of anti Islam people who cannot see people knowing about Islam. it was a very big Mosque in which 12 thousand people can offer prayer at a time. it was four time bigger than the biggest Church Anglican of UK. There are millions of Muslims living in UK while Islam is also spreading in UK fastly. Muslim council has said that the ban is absolute wrong.

this mosque was under control of Tableegi Jamat. the present ban on this big mosque and the other incidents in past like ban on hijab in France and ban on minarets in Switzerland shows that western leaders have hatred in their hearts for Islam and they are not happy how fastly Islam is spreading in the west. they are planning and Allah Swt also plans and Allah swt is the best planner.
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